Ultra High Pressure Cleaning

For chemical tankers the stainless steel surface should be smooth ( Ra < 3,5 ) and clean ( grey surface , no cargo residues.

Some product sticks or react and forms hard layers or haze ( like MDI / TDI ) on the stainless steel surfaces.

If removal by chemicals is impossible, the only way is mechanical cleaning by (Ultra) High Pressure Cleaning

In these cases, baffing / grinding is no option for the residues will very quickly saturate the baffing discs and the heat formed by this grinding/baffing will smearing the cargo residues in / over the surface.

Pollution that can be cleaned with Ultra High Pressure cleaning

INOX Surface Treatment B.V. advices and is able to clean your stainless steel surface by Ultra High Pressure Cleaning ( up to 2800 bar. )  

Because of the efficient and equipment we use we, we are able to reach difficult area as the internal of pipelines with corners.

For the cleaning of bulk carriers we can supply special robots ( Magnetic ) to be used in all of Europe.

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