Grinding Baffing & Polishing

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New building

As INOX Surface Treatment B.V we advise to avoid as much as possible mechanical surface treatment for stainless steel (Grinding / blasting etc.) to keep the surface condition in original status as delivered by maker.

Nevertheless for newbuilding constructions welding /bending cutting etc. is necessary and even with the best protection and precautions to avoid any damage / corrosion, there will be always the need for mechanical treatment to remove damages / HAZ ( Heat Affected Zones ) / impurities etc.  prior to chemical/technical cleaning by pickling/passivating.  

Ships / Objects in services which need to be restored / upgraded because of corrosion / discolorations / cargo residue etc., INOX will always try to solve these cases by chemical technical cleaning. (Testing with a variation of chemicals to achieve a cargo tank ready for cargo and free of corrosion)

The advantage of chemical technical  cleaning against mechanical cleaning : No staging / no high labor costs / less delays. 

Note: Heavy Corroded surfaces ( pitting / rough areas / elephant skin etc. ) can not be repaired / restored by chemical technical cleaning. 

If chemical technical cleaning turns out not to be effective, the only procedure for a good end result is mechanical cleaning. 

Our supervisors and grinding teams will assist and advice the principal in the planning and procedure to restore the corroded surface in the most economic way.  Our grinding teams will execute the works according to the agreed repair procedure.  

Before grinding works

After grinding works

(High gloss) Polishing

This handcraft art work by our experienced team is used in pharma industry / yacht industry / architectural projects.  

See some of our projects below: 

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