Ultra High Pressure Cleaning

Expert Chemical Tanker Cleaning for Safe Transport of Hazardous Materials

Inox Surface Treatment B.V. provides the best chemical tanker cleaning services performed by expert professionals. Maintaining the integrity of chemical tankers is crucial to the global economy. Chemical tankers transport a variety of hazardous materials across oceans. It is essential to ensure that these vessels are safe and compliant with the strict regulations that govern the shipping industry. Ensuring the safety of both the crew and cargo.

Challenges in Maintaining Stainless Steel Surfaces on Chemical Tankers

One of the most critical aspects of ensuring the safe and efficient operation of chemical tankers is the proper cleaning and maintenance of the stainless steel surfaces on board. These surfaces must be kept smooth and free from any cargo residues. This task can be particularly challenging when dealing with products that tend to adhere to the stainless steel surface.

(Ultra) High Pressure Cleaning

In cases where chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning are not possible because of  the “chemical” resistance or thickness of the polluted layer / cargo residue  , (Ultra) High Pressure Cleaning is an option. INOX specializes in the provision of this services and has the equipment and expertise to clean even the most challenging pollutions/residues .

INOX's Equipment and Expertise for Efficient Tanker Cleaning

The company uses Ultra High Pressure Cleaning equipment that can generate pressures of up to 2800 bars. Enabling the efficient cleaning of even the most difficult areas, such as the interior of pipelines with corners. The equipment is also highly efficient, minimizing the time and cost required for cleaning while ensuring a high-quality result.

INOX's Dedication to Providing High-Quality Chemical Tanker Cleaning Services

Chemical tanker cleaning services, including the cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel and mild steel surfaces, are essential components of safe and efficient operations. INOX is dedicated to providing chemical-technical and mechanical  tanker cleaning services of the highest quality. While utilizing expert personnel and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every vessel is maintained to the highest standards.