Scrubber Maintenance


In the last year, scrubber maintenance was in huge demand. Scrubber manufacturers face a lack of production locations and are put under time pressure by yards and shipowners.

As a result, manufacturers search the globe for construction firms (contractors) to help them increase the production of scrubbers. Although several of these contractors are situated in the Middle East and Europe, the majority are in the Far East.

The majority of contractors require “startup time” to meet production requirements, deadlines, and quality standards. Their teams need to get experience, workshops need to be modified in order to guarantee high standards of quality, and special covered spaces need to be created for the storage of half-finished products and wrapped scrubbers, ready for transport.

Our inspectors

Our inspectors have observed several types of workshops worldwide:
  • New build locations, fully outfitted, focused on the building of scrubbers.
  • Locations where stainless steel, super duplex, or SMO already has been constructed (but not yet scrubbers).
  • Locations that are used to working with steel have to (partially) switch to stainless steel or super duplex for making scrubbers.
  • Locations that are a combination of the above.
  • Open locations.
The production process (from delivery of new plates until wrapping in the scrubber) needs to be monitored constantly to reach a perfect end result.

The stainless steel’s surface treatment and preservation are crucial components of this ongoing observation.

For this stage of the procedure, INOX Surface Treatment provides the service. This expert advice from our organisation may be required by manufacturers as well as contractors, and it will improve the final product’s quality while also potentially speeding up the manufacturing process.

Our inspectors focus on the following items:
  • Protection and Precautions.
  • Storage and Handling.
  • Mechanical (baffing/polishing) and chemical (pickling/passivation) surface treatment.
  • Visual aspect.
  • A detailed report with comments and recommendations will be provided to the manufacturer.
The report can be used for discussions with the contractor but can also be used as a guideline for the contractor in order to reach a higher quality end product. If required we can make up a final report about the surface status of the scrubber (in- and outside) before wrapping in. This will assure the best possible performance for the execution of scrubber maintenance.