Delivery of chemicals

INOX Surface Treatment BV and INOX Shanghai Ltd can eco-friendly, comprehensive tank cleaning product range for efficient, safe cleaning.
Packages from 2 Kg to IBC ( M3 Containers ) and even in bulk!

Environmentally Conscious Chemical Transport

At INOX we offer a comprehensive tank cleaning product range designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. We understand that every tank cleaning situation is unique. That’s why we offer a range of products to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether you need to clean and passivate stainless steel surfaces, remove rust and other contaminants from metal, or descale and clean tank interiors, we have a product that will work for you. Our tank cleaning product range:
  • INOX Pickling Liquid (Pickling Liquid for all kinds of Stainless Steel)
  • INOX Passivation Liquid (Passivation Liquid for all kinds of Stainless Steel)
  • INOX Pickling Paste (Pickling Paste for all kinds of Stainless Steel)
  • INOX Metal HD (High concentrated metal brightener / rust remover)
  • INOX Descaling Liquid (descaling & cleaning agent based on hydrochloric acid)
  • INOX Alkaline cleaner (Strong alkaline cleaning agent)
  • INOX Super Degreaser (Heavy duty solvent cleaner)
  • CTC (Super concentrate detergent / emulsifier)
  • NaOH / Ca(OH)2 in Bulk for scrubbers


At INOX Surface Treatment BV, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and exceptional service while also protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.

INOX Surface Treatment BV has a strict policy concerning protection of the environment. We recognize that the transportation of chemicals often involves cleaning procedures that can result in waste and disposal issues. To address these concerns, we have established procedures to properly handle waste and dispose of it in accordance with local laws and regulations. Our team is well-equipped to manage the disposal of slops and other waste materials, and we work closely with our customers to ensure that waste is handled safely and responsibly.